Eats & Treats

Specialty baked goods from local sources.

While Supplies Last

Muffins                                    $3.50 



Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Seasonal -ask about today's option

Banana Bread                         $4.00

Made from Scratch

Served Warm with Butter

Breakfast Sandwich              $3.25

Turkey sausage, egg, and cheese 

Caramel Crunch                     $3.00

Sweet Homemade Treat

Made from Scratch

Cookies                             $1.00

Chocolate Chip

Bagels/Cream Cheese  $3.50




Cinnamon Roll               $4.00

Made From Scratch and 

Served Warm - Weekends Only

Pop Tarts                          $4.00

Made From Scratch

Flavors Vary - Weekends Only

Donuts                  $4.00

Made from Scratch with all

natural ingredients

Baked, Not Fries

Can Mix and Match Flavors:

Vanilla with Sea Salt Caramel

Pumpkin with Cinnamon Sugar

Pumpkin Sea Salt Caramel

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